Steps for removing ACME or OJ Boat Propeller

ACME, Ironman, OJ, PowerTech C-Clamp prop puller works by: 1- Removing the cotter pin (do not use the same cotter pin, it’s a 1 time use), 2– loosen up the nut (do not take the nut completely off. Back it out half way. that insures the prop will not fall on the ground) 3– Drop the Y on C-Clamp behind the prop, (appply gentle pressure, tighten slightly against the shaft) The prop puller is not designed to pull the prop off by over tightening the nut on the puller. 4– Grab a hammer, impact on the back side of the puller (make sure you don’t hit the boat). repeat the process, by tightening the nut gently, using the hammer, impact on the back side of the puller. Repeat until the prop pops off. Call us 865-673-8171 with any questions.