Why Choosing the Right Prop is Important

To Optimize your boat engine performance, it is essential that you identify the right propeller for your boat. Although online prop guides are a good place to start. There is no substitute for contacting an expert to better understand  important details about your current situation to help identify proper solution. Selecting the right propeller depends on how you use your boat and its current performance, you might be wondering if you should “pitch up”, “pitch down”, switch from aluminum to stainless steel or move from three blades to four. Your prop might be damaged and need replacement. Or maybe it is in good shape but you’re looking to improve your boat’s performance. In either case contact our experts at 865-673-8171.

Is your boat sluggish coming out of the hole and slow to get on a plane? Are you not hitting the top speed you think you should? Do you want an improvement in fuel economy? Hoping for better all-around performance? Is your current prop blowing out or ventilating excessively in turns or when you accelerate? Are you looking to improve your boat’s watersports performance for tubing, skiing or wakeboarding? Once you have defined your goals, you can move on in the selection process.

Several key questions must be resolved in order to correctly identify the right propeller for your boat. 1- Describe hole shot; a term that refers to the time it takes for the boat to achieve plane from dead stop at maximum throttle. 2- Identify RPM at WOT. 3- Identify MPH at WOT.  4- Is the current propeller on the boat compromised 5- Identify Diameter and Pitch of current propeller. 6- Engine brand, year model and Horse Power. 6- Boat type, brand and length.

At Tennessee Propeller, our experts are ready to take your call to help you identify a solution and correctly prop your boat. We are an authorized dealer for Mercury, PowerTech, Quicksilver, ACME, OJ among other leading brands. Also, shop us at tennesseeproepller.com