Beware Boat Owners!!!!!! Over 95% of Damaged Propellers are Repairable

Frequently we get customers in our shop with Stainless, Nibral and Bronze propellers deemed not repairable for a second opinion. Unfortunately, the individuals or organizations that made the call on the propeller as not repairable, know nothing about propeller repair or possess the knowledge or tools to check the propeller . However, they do know that if they sell you a new propeller for an average Wakeboard or Wakesurf boat at a cost of $750.00 full retail, they stand to profit over $300.00, versus the total cost of a repair for $250-$300 bringing the propeller back to OEM Specs. For the customer it’s simple math, pay $250.00-$300.00 to repair a propeller that costs between $650.00-$750.00. Folks, please bring or ship your damaged propeller to a repair facility for proper evaluation and huge savings.

Call us at Tennessee Propeller 865-603-0162. We accept repairs from every state. Our turnaround time is 3-5 days. We match most legitimate online retailers. Shipping is free on items over $99. Repaired props ship free(UPS Ground).  Checks us out for a huge inventory of props at