Inspect your boat propeller on regular bases for any damage small or big. Get in the habit of inspecting your propeller during the boating season. Inspect for bent blades or nicks or any damage. If prop blades are bent or otherwise damaged, the prop should either be replaced or repaired. Obviously with those bent blades the prop is not going to function properly and boat performance will suffer, but the damaged prop is also likely now unbalanced, which can cause vibration at various speed which can lead to more problems.

Your boat’s propeller connects the engine to the water, just as tires connect your car to the road. Unlike tires, your propeller is not going to wear with use but it is prone to damage, which can range from a few nicks in the blade edges to catastrophic damage from a severe bottom strike. Even minor damage can impact boat performance, so it’s important to take good care of your propeller. Always seek advise from the experts at prop shops. They have the experience to diagnose and the tools to repair. Keep in mind that over 95% of prop damage is repairable. Call us at Tennessee Propeller 865-673-8171 or email us at