Caring for Boat Propellers

Maintaining your propeller is essential to keeping your boat running at its best. Think of your boat propeller as your wheel and tire on your car. A well kept propeller will provide you with the highest level of power, performance and increased fuel efficiency in the water. Catching damage early will give you a better chance of salvaging your propeller.
Any bent out of shape, knicks, dings, or scratches may result in the blades becoming out of pitch, uneven or unbalanced, which can lead to higher RPM, less efficiency or even potential engine damage.
Cost of repairing a stainless, bronze and nibral propellers is a about 30-35% of the purchase of a new propeller. Clearly a good bargain when compared to replacement. Prop shops are equiped to bring most propellers back to factory OEM specs. Please feel free to contact us at 865-673-8171 or email us at We offer 2 way shipping UPS ground on the all repairs up to 25″ in diameter. Our turnaround time, is 3-5 days.