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Remove hub kits, rings, washers, plugs, and any additional attachments you may have. Tennessee Propeller is not responsible for any additional pieces. Please send only the propeller.


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Customized & Blueprinting Disclaimer

Be aware that during the blueprinting and blade thinning process your propeller blade will be thinned and tapered to provide maximum performance for the customization of your propeller.

Pros over thinning:

  • Greater top end speed
  • Faster hole shot
  • Superior Cruising Speed
  • Greater Performance Throughout Range

Cons over thinning:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty VOIDED
  • Greater risk of steel fatigue, cracking, or throwing of a blade
  • High risk of greater damage upon impact with submerged objects
  • Limited amount of times propeller can be repaired do to damage
  • Will limit the over all life time of propeller
  • Risk of visual pin holes by gas porosity caused during manufacturing of propeller