ACME and OJ PROPELLER REPAIR - 3 Blade 15" - 16.5" Diameter - Two-Way Shipping Included

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  • 3 Blade props pricing for Wake/Ski/Surf Boats only.
  • Q: How do I find my propeller's diameter
  • A: Most propellers will have measurements around the hub on the aft or stamped between the blades.

Let’s look at this example:

14.5 x 15 RH

14.5 : The propeller diameter. The diameter is always the first set of numbers.

15: The pitch of the propeller. The pitch is always the second set of numbers.

RH: This is the propeller’s rotation. Either RH clockwise or LH counterclockwise.

  • These prices are not Applicable to cruiser props of the same size. Please see Cruiser Props Repair for pricing
  • One flat price for repair, Includes, welding and UPS Ground Two Way Shipping . No gimmicks and no added fees for this and for that.
  • All Props are brought back to OEM Specs. using Pesco pitch blocks and verified
  • Tig weld is used on all repairs.
  • Static balancer is used for all repairs. No exception.
  • All Brass props are red wheeled and polished by hand to give original look.
  • If a prop is not deemend repairable. A refund will be issued, less $20 for shipping. Otherwise, the full amount could be applied towards the purchase of a replacement.
  • If you have a question about repairability, please send an email with a picture to or complete the contact us form with a picture.
  • Please feel free to contact us for any questions 865-673-8171
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Skeg needing minor repair, or even break the whole thing off?

At Tennessee Propeller and Metalworks, we can repair your skeg, or even replace a missing skeg. With an appointment we can get you in and out the same day. We work on skegs for all engine types and set ups.

Our goal at Tennessee Propeller and Metalworks is to give your vessel the best performance and efficiency possible.

– Weldable repairs are built up using high quality aluminum
– Full repairs are done using OEM or similar parts that are designed to match the original equipment, and thickness of your skeg.
– Tig welding is designed to prevent heat transfer.
– Refinished using the finest in underwater primers (Mercury Marine)
– All skegs are painted using Factory color match paint (when available)

On The Boat (By Appointment Only)*
Our location off I-40 allows us to work on the skeg while it is still on the trailer. Offering same day service with an appointment only****

Turnaround Time: Same Day-Next Day**
Drop off: 9:00am
Pick up: 4:30 pm

*Note: It is highly recommended that lower unit gear lubricant be changed after a skeg or cavitation plate repair.*

** Official completion times will be determined at drop off when the damage can be evaluated.

*Lower Unit Off Motor* (No Appointment Necessary)
Just bring the lower unit in. We will fix your skeg and or cavitation plate(s) with the utmost quality.

Turnaround Time: 3-4 Business Days

*Note: Please drain the lower unit of gear lubricant before bringing it in.*
For Best Results: Allow 24-48 hours for paint to cure before submerging the drive.

Despite all the preventative measures we take, it is possible that some internal damage can occur due to the heat required
during the repair. It is a possibility and we do everything we can to prevent it, but all skeg repairs are done by request and at the customer’s own risk.*

Bronze, Brass, & Nibral Propeller Repair

Includes reconditioning, adjust pitch, rake and cup and weld missing material, grind, static balance, plus final finish by hand. Pricing will be between $160 – $350 depending diameter and number of blades.
bronze, brass, & nibral propeller repairbronze, brass, & nibral propeller repair
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Stainless Steel Propeller Repair

Includes reconditioning, adjust pitch, rake and cup and weld missing material, grind, static balance, plus final finish in satin or high gloss. Pricing will be between $180-$250. This includes Tempest, Tempest Plus, Fury, Volvo Penta, Yamaha, Enertia, Raker, BravoI, II, III, Trophy, 3 blade and 4 blade props, and all other stainless brands.

Includes recondition to OEM specifications plus final finish in Satin or high polish. Pricing will be determined upon inspection, but typical repairs are $180.00-$4This includes: Tempest, Tempest Plus, Fury, Raker, ProV, Volvo Penta, Mirage, Bravo, all 4 blades and others.

stainless steel propeller repairstainless steel propeller repair
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