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Michigan Wheel DynaQuad 32" Diameter 4 Blade Bronze DQ4B32B

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Brand: Michigan Wheel

Michigan Wheel DynaQuad 32" Diameter 4 Blade Bronze DQ4B32B

Model #: DQ4B32B

Diameter: 32

Material: Bronze

Blades: 4

EAR= 0.69

Weight 84 Lbs

Hub Dia Fwd 4 5/8"

Hub Dia Aft 4 1/4"

Hub Length 6"

Bore Range 2" To 3"

The Dyna-Quad design is as popular as the three blade Dyna-Jet, but generally suggested for vessels larger than 40' requiring greater blade area due to the added weight and thrust requirements. The four blade gives extreme smoothness, superb maneuverability, plus the speed and "dig" of a three blade. This is also an excellent choice for the performance minded commercial boat operators.

Made in the USA by Michigan Wheel Corporation - Grand Rapids, Michigan

All Prop Depot Propellers are Computer Checked and Static Balanced Prior to Shipping.

Michigan Wheel utilizes the latest in CFD technology to create advanced designs. Through advanced computer modeling and simulation, our engineering team can examine a boat’s wake and design a propeller specifically for that wake, leading to a significant reduction in fuel costs and vibration while offering a higher top speed.

Michigan Wheel is committed to providing superior products for their customers when they are on the water for recreation, work, or in service to their country. Our quality team uses computerized measurement recording devices to measure our products and ensure they meet our strict tolerances.

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