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Turning Point Propellers

With premium materials and highly evolved production processes, Turning Point has created the Express® Mach3™ Stainless Steel Propeller—designed to maximize the performance of your boat.

Turning Point has taken the proven techniques that led to Hustler®, the world's best-performing aluminum propellers, and applied them to their stainless steel propellers. Combining stronger materials, more corrosion resistance, higher gloss, and new casting technology with cutting-edge designs, Turning Point gives you the new Express® Mach4™ Propellers.

Turning Point has completely re-designed the stainless propeller production process to bring state-of-the-art casting technologies and race-proven finish and tuning practices to their new line of Express props. Turning Point’s SpeedShop™ Blueprinting and MaxSpeed™ Dyno Balance Processes, a $500 option with other manufacturers, are standard on every prop.

Turning Point's new proprietary stainless steel, TP17™, has over 20 percent more Chromium than the competition for improved finish and corrosion resistance. This allows Turning Point’s engineers and designers the freedom to produce radical new designs that will help you wring the best performance out of your boat.

Key Features—Turning Point Express® Mach3™Stainless Steel Propellers

  • SpeedShop™ BluePrint process
  • MaxSpeed™ Dyno balance processes
  • Proprietary TP17™ stainless steel
  • "Best in class" reversibility
  • Tuned vents for fast hole shot
  • Performance tuned pitch and rake angles

NOTE: All Turning Point Propellers require both a Propeller Housing and Hub Kit. You do NOT need to purchase a hub kit if you own one of the following hub systems and it is in serviceable condition:

  • Turning Point Propellers® #502
  • Mercury® Flo-Torq® II
  • Michigan Wheel® XHS®
  • Solas® Rubex® RBX™

Hub Kit Sold Seperate

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